Our Lower Primary program aims to develop the knowledge and skills of our students along with a love of learning and curiosity about the world.

Literacy –

Our program focuses on building key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. A diverse range of resources are used including the Scott Foreman Reading Street books and Raz Kids. Drama, music and art are often incorporated to create engagement and aid with learning. Where possible, literacy activities are also integrated to Science and Social Studies to create meaningful connections for the students and to reinforce vocabulary and key concepts.

Maths –

Our curriculum is based largely on the American model with number skills, measurement, data and graphs and geometry being key areas. The Numino and Envision math text books are both used. Adaptation is made where necessary to fit the needs of our students, for example the metric system is primarily taught instead of the imperial system. There is a very strong focus on vocabulary and problem solving as these are the biggest challenges for our students. Hands on activities are incorporated using manipulative such as scales, building blocks, measuring tapes and dice.

Social Science –

Our program is based on Harcourt Social Sciences text books. This is modified and adapted according to the needs of our students, for example a unit on American government in Grade 2 will be changed into a unit on citizenship and community. A strong focus is placed on hands on activities and art.

Science –

Students regularly learn science with our primary resource being the Scott Foreman Science text books. Where possible, students undertake experiments and do hands on activities to make learning fun and meaningful.

Art And Computing –

These subjects are regularly taught by the classroom teacher and are designed to build key skills. Often activities are linked to other subjects, for example in Grade 2 students made constellations whilst learning about the stars in science.

The kindergarten offers a great variety of activities. Students are able to choosie what they like for extra-curriculum courses such as Arts and Crafts, Writing and illustration painting, Role play, Lego, Football, Violin, Piano, Paper-folding, Guitar, Chess, Basketball, Taekwondo, Play-dough, English reading, Choir etc. Most of the activities are free. And they can help train students’ brain and stimulate their potential.

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